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Breast ReductionMy experience was perfect from start to finish. Ewa was fantastic, she listened to me and delivered exactly the outcome I wanted. I am delighted with the results. J (Refinesurgeons)

Revision of breast augmentation (ruptured breast implant) - exchange of implants and capsulectomy

My experience with my surgeon and Spire has been fantastic. I've been well informed about my surgery before and after. I felt really looked after and cared for extremely well. The nurses have been lovely and kind throughout my surgery and check ups. My surgeon has been amazing and very kind. She even made time to see me at my nurses appointment. R (Refinesurgeons)

Labiaplasty: Ewa Majdak- Paredes made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. I was really happy with the level of care throughout. Although I am still in the healing process, I already can tell I am happy with the results. I would recommend Refine Plastic Surgeons & Ewa especially. K (Refinesurgeons)

Liposuction to thighs and knees: Ewa was very professional and honest from the outset. She managed my expectations and explained what the surgery could and could not achieve. After deciding to proceed with surgery the process was very well organised, each step was explained to me and Ewa answered any concerns I had. I recovered well from the surgery. My legs were quite painful for a few days. There was bruising and mobility was difficult for 4-6 weeks. But, as soon as the bruising went down I was able to walk easily. I am extremely pleased with the results and the new shape of my legs.The surgery has given me much more confidence. I would definitely recommend Ewa. G (Refinesurgeons)

I feel extremely privileged to be able to share our exemplary 'before-and-after' images of my plastic surgery patients. I am very grateful to my patients who allowed me to share their images and testimonials. 


We respect the privacy of our patients and therefore we have chosen not to show some pre-and postoperative images where confidentiality could potentially be compromised. During the consultation, there will be an opportunity to view additional confidential pre-and postoperative photographs of patients who allowed me to share their photos with other patients. 

Medical photographs are for illustrative purposes only and individual results may vary. 


Bilateral breast reduction using lollipop scar with a short scar in the breast fold. The breast has been reshaped and reduced to a C cup; the nipples has been lifted and areolas reduced. 


Bilateral breast reduction using lollipop scar with a short scar in the breast fold. The breast has been reshaped and reduced to a C cup; the nipples has been lifted and areolas reduced. This is an early result. It is expected to see more breast tissue at the bottom of the breast with time.


Dual plane bilateral breast augmentation with 310cc silicone smooth breast implants (behind pectoralis muscle). The scars are still settling. 


Bilateral breast augmentation with 310cc silicone smooth breast implants behind the breast (subglandular). I discussed an uplift, but my patient did not want to accept the scarring of an uplift and was not concerned about the low nipple position. Natural asymmetry has improved with augmentation only. 


Bilateral capsulectomy and exchange of implants. This patient had a ruptured breast implant confirmed by the MRI. After thorough check to ensure there was no other abnormality in the breast, the implants were changed to 420cc smooth silicone implants and the capsule was removed as well. 


This patients in her mid-40s wished to have bilateral breast reduction. I routinely recommend a screening mammogram in women over 40 years old who wish to have cosmetic surgery to the breast as breast cancer is very common and affects 1 in 8 women in general population. 

In this lady, screening mammogram showed an abnormality in the left breast which was further investigated and turned out to be a high grade DCIS. I referred her to the Breast MDT within the NHS. She ultimately opted to continue with private treatment via private health insurance. She underwent a joint procedure with the Consultant Breast Surgeon who removed the cancer whilst at the same time I reduced the right breast and reduced and reshaped her left breast. She did not require radiotherapy and her DCIS was completely removed. She requires annual mammograms in her local Breast Unit. 


Had this lady not had a  screening mammogram (national screening program begins at the age of 50), her left breast cancer would not have been found on the pathology specimen from her reduction as it was situated above the areas typically removed during breast reduction. In the best case scenario, had we not performed a screening mammogram, her lump would have been found later and further surgery would have compromised results of her surgery and possibly changed her prognosis as we found her lump early. 


This lady had inverted nipples which were corrected under local anaesthetic. Her result was permanent.

Before and after images of tummy tuck by Ewa Majdak-Paredes

This young lady had full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to correct the contour of her abdomen following pregnancies. Her scars are still settling and it is normal to see redness within the first few months after surgery. Scar maturation takes a  year and it is expected the redness to settle. I routinely recommend silicone gel therapy to give the scars best chances to settle and fade.  

Abdominoplasty before and after pictures EJMP Plastic Surgery

This lady had full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to correct the contour of her abdomen following pregnancies and weight loss. The surgery has made a massive difference and she is now able to fit clothes her size without having to wear baggy clothes. She is enjoying wearing well fitting dresses which she could not have done for many years. Her scars are still settling.

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