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Body contouring surgery helps to improve changes in the body caused by weight loss, ageing and genetic predispositions. Procedures range from abdominoplasty (tummy tuck and its variations), body lift (upper or lower), liposuction, thigh lift, arm lift/reduction etc. alone or in combination (including in stages) depending on individual circumstances and desires. Liposuction can also help as an adjunct to sculpt residual areas. 


Although weight loss has many benefits on health, after losing a significant amount of weight the body would naturally change. The skin becomes saggy, thin and inelastic. Having excess skin and saggy tissue can affect women and men physically and psychologically often interfering with daily functioning which can adversely affect the quality of life. 

Body contouring surgery can restore the contour and proportions by removing excess of tissue laxity.  


The other reason patients seek plastic surgery advice is to sculpt and refine their natural shape affected by genetic predisposition to accumulating fatty tissue disproportionally in certain undesired areas of the body e.g. flanks, outer thighs, inner knees etc. Liposuction can help to sculpt these areas. However, please note that liposuction or any of these procedures will not be effective as a mean for weight loss.

Consultation would include a thorough assessment and a detailed discussion about what is desired and what can be achieved using the most appropriate procedure. These procedures are performed under general anaesthetic and you might require a hospital stay either overnight or a couple of days depending on the procedure.

Recovery takes 4-6 weeks. A lycra bodysuit or garment would be helpful for 4-6 weeks to act as a splint providing stability and pain relief.

You would require a nurse appointment a week after surgery and consultant follow up appointments to assess your progress.  

Risks and implications will be discussed in detail during your consultation. You will also receive a detailed letter outlining my professional opinion, most appropriate treatment plan, alternatives, what the procedure would entail, hospital stay, recovery and risks along with patient information leaflets. Cooling off period would always be required. I would encourage you to schedule another consultation if you feel that you have questions or concerns. 

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