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Facial Plastic Surgery 

Makeup Closeup

Patients can be affected physically and psychologically by the appearance and effects of aging. There is a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures which could address specific concerns in different areas of the face and neck depending on what one desires to achieve. Changes affecting the face can be quite complex. No procedure is without risks. Therefore, it is important to think very carefully of what one would wish to specifically address. To be considered for surgery, you have to be in good physical and mental health to minimise your risks and maximise the outcome. 

Surgical procedures will not improve changes caused to the skin by the sun-damage. Regular sun protection can help to prevent sun damage and keep the skin healthy. 

Cosmetic Facial Procedures


Blue Eyes
Model's Lower Face
Botox Injections


Beauty in Natural Makeup


Beauty in Natural Makeup


Ear Surgery

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