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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Patients can be affected physically and psychologically by the appearance of the breast.


Cosmetic surgery to the breast refers to a range of surgical procedures that can enhance the natural size and shape, restore the volume and shape that was lost as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. Surgical procedures can also reduce the size, reshape the breast and lift the nipples to a more juvenile position. 

Revision surgery to the breast, particularly in women who had breast implants, would typically deal with various long-term implications of breast implants and natural changes affecting the female breast with aging. 

Corrective surgery to the breast can effectively improve symmetry, enhance the shape (e.g. in the case of tuberous or constricted shape) or deal with undesired outcomes of previous cosmetic surgery to the breast. 

Women age 40 and over who wish to have cosmetic surgery to the breast would require an up-to-date screening mammogram. 

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Corrective breast surgery

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