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Breast reconstruction

For women with breast cancer. 

Breast cancer treatment is complex and multidisciplinary. The modern approach to breast reconstruction is to optimise safe cancer treatment whilst at the same time ensure good functional and cosmetic outcome tailored to the individual circumstances. Plastic surgeons play a vital role in facilitating optimal reconstructive outcomes in patients with breast cancer. 

Ms Ewa Majdak-Paredes has developed skills in breast reconstruction through extensive sub-specialty training, research and experience in this specialised area. She continues to work very closely as a part of multidisciplinary breast team. In the NHS, she regularly performs oncoplastic and microsurgical breast reconstruction and supports Breast MDT.  

Breast Reconstruction guide

In her private practice, on request of breast surgery colleagues she supports them with respect to bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty. Bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty is a form of breast conserving surgery whereby the Breast Surgeons remove the cancer whilst at the same time Plastic Surgeons reduce the other breast and together with the Breast Surgeons reshape the breast affected by the cancer. Breast MDT would offer bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty to women who can conserve their breast, but a standard lumpectomy would have left them with size discrepancy and misshapen breast. 

Breast Surgeon and Ms Majdak-Paredes will jointly explain benefits, alternatives and risks of the procedure. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and most patients would stay in the hospital overnight. Recovery takes 4-6 weeks and a front-fastening support bra should be used for 4-6 weeks to help reduce the swelling. Follow up appointments would be scheduled with relevant multidisciplinary consultants depending on personal circumstances. ​

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