Bilateral Therapeutic Mammaplasty

For women with breast cancer. 

I support consultants breast surgeons and the Breast MDT with respect to oncoplastic breast reconstruction and revision surgery in patients who had breast cancer treatment. 


In my private and NHS practice, I routinely perform bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty together with the breast surgeons when required. Bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty is a form of breast conserving surgery which we offer to a small number of women with breast cancer in whom a standard wide local excision (WLE, lumpectomy) would have resulted  in breast size discrepancy or / and a deformity in the breast affected by the cancer. I work alongside the breast surgeons who would be removing the breast cancer whilst at the same time the plastic surgeon would reduce the size of the other breast and help to reshape the remaining healthy breast on the cancer side. The aim is to remove the breast cancer with a sufficient margin to ensure complete excision whilst at the same time to reconstruct and symmetrise the breast to achieve good cosmetic result. 

Bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty would typically require an overnight hospital stay. It is done in general anaesthesia. Breast surgeons are the leading clinicians and they would typically contact me to discuss patients suitable for bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty. 

​Recovery takes 4-6 weeks. Front fastening medical bra would be provided by the breast cancer nurses and is recommended for 4-6 weeks. Follow up appointments would be scheduled with relevant multidisciplinary experts depending on personal circumstances. 


​Breast surgeons / plastic surgeons will jointly explain benefits, risks and alternatives during the consultation. I tend to send a letter summarising my involvement, implications and risks. I would encourage you to schedule another consultation if you feel that you have questions or concerns. 

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