Labiaplasty Cosmetic Surgery

Women who present for labiaplasty procedure would typically have a specific anatomical variant in which labia minora are overly prominent in the anterior, middle or posterior aspect. These changes can affect women psychologically or physically. Not infrequently, labia minora on one side might be affected by one variant (e.g. anterior), whereas the contralateral side by another (e.g. posterior). Similarly, the length of the most prominent point of this variant might also vary in size on each side (e.g. shorter or normal on one side and longer on the contralateral side). Also, pregnancy, child birth and hormonal changes might affect the appearance of labia in that the tissue become thin and ptotic. Labiaplasty can help to address these problems.


There are two main surgical techniques to reduce labia minora: wedge and trim. Occasionally, a combination of both can be used depending on personal circumstances. I personally prefer wedge technique as it is safe and effective in reducing the enlarged variant. Complication rate is minimal and satisfaction is high.   


Consultation would include assessment and a detailed discussion about what is desired and what can be achieved.  

Labiaplasty is typically performed as day case procedures and can be done either under light general anaesthesia or local anaesthetic depending on patient's preference. 

Recovery takes 2-4 weeks. 

You would require a nurse appointment a week after surgery and consultant follow up appointments to assess your progress.  

Risks and implications will be discussed in detail during your consultation. You will also receive a detailed letter outlining my professional opinion, alternatives, what the procedure would entail,  recovery and risks along with patient information leaflets. Cooling off period would always be required. I would encourage you to schedule another consultation if you feel that you have questions or concerns. 

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